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We’ve undergone some massive changes this year!  Thank you to all our customers, both at the farmers markets and in the restaurants; we are growing so fast! With that growth though, we are constantly working to keep the quality you’ve come to expect while expanding our operation to meet our needs to continue providing the micros you love.  Not only do we focus on quality, we focus on innovation. We are working on learning to grow new products, as well as making better blends that our customers will love! Harlowe Custom Mix was the first in this line of products.  It was developed last year with lots of input from loyal customers who weren’t shy about giving feedback. We played with the blend and its components until we’d nailed it. Stay tuned though, we will be introducing new products each month at the market, and new blends as we perfect their balance.

You may see some changes at HCM, the way we work at the markets and the products showing up on the tables of your favorite restaurants.  This change is our commitment to you. We are working to not become stale or complacent, after all there is always someone following in your footsteps, trying to do what you do, exactly the way you do it.   They will always follow you though, let it be flattering rather than threatening. The only way to continue to grow and prosper is be innovative.  Without innovation, without creative thought, without passion you really don’t have much.

When I started HCM, I just wanted to grow good food and share it with people. That dream hasn’t changed, if anything my passion has grown stronger. In this journey, I’ve had to learn so many things, most of which would never be learned in formal education. I’m grateful for the chance at not only growing plants for people, but for the personal growth that has come with it.  Please stick with us as we continue our journey, I can promise your taste buds won’t regret it!

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