As the frost thaws….

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After a three month break, which literally seemed like just a few days, we are back in the grow room and green house. During our time off, we did some renovations, did some test grows on new products, added some infrastructure, cleaned, took stock of the seed library and reflected on the past year of craziness.
We are as prepared as we will be for the coming season. We have farmers markets coming up soon, real soon! The Market at Cedar Point is already firing on all cylinders and the Olde Beaufort Farmers Market will be up and going again in just a month. We plan to be at both as often as we can this year. Some added staff will help us with those goals.
We at Harlowe Custom Micros are eager to see our friends at the market(s) and visit the Chefs in their kitchens to see what new things they have to share with us. Spring is a time of birth and freshness in nature, it’s hard not to enjoy the cool mornings, warm days, and the blooms that promise another wonderful year to us.
See you all soon!

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