Here you’ll find some options of things we provide. We grow much more than just these and will be adding more features in the near future!

We only sell locally and to grow order. This allows us to deliver the absolute freshest products to our clients kitchens, store shelves, and the farmers market. By only growing to order we eliminate waste ultimately reducing cost to our customers.

Dwarf Sugar Pea
Black Oil Sun Flower
Hong Vit Radish
Red Rambo Radish
Diakon Radish
TriMix (blend of all 3 radish)
Salad Blends
Fava Bean
Red Russian Kale
Cress (Pepper Grass)
Mustard, Green Wave

Purple Kohlrabi
Red Garnet Amaranth
Basil, Italian
Basil, Red Rubin
Basil, Lemon
Beet, Bulls Blood
Chard (Swiss and Rainbow)
Red Sorrel
Wheat Grass


The green house is a hydroponic NFT system that we operate most of the year. We don’t run heaters so we are somewhat subject to the weather. As soon as temperatures allow, we begin seeding out various forms of greens and herbs. Most of these make their way to the market, some never make it past my kitchen!